B&B Property Development strives to be a premier full-service South Indian real estate development and management company. We seek to promote, execute, and deliver residential and commercial builds of enduring quality and sustainable resource-use, that meet our customers’ needs, with transparency, trustworthiness and profitability.


Customer service

Our customers, internal and external, must see us as an innovative, ethical and trustworthy company to deal with. We will anticipate, understand and execute their needs in a time-bound and cost-effectivemanner, adding value through our efforts and exceeding their expectations.

Initiative, Empowerment and Leadership

We will encourage and reward initiative, leading by example and well-considered risk-taking. Ourworkplaces will balance empowerment and accountability to foster a culture of mutual respect, clear communication and well-defined chains of responsibility.

Training and Development

We will stay committed to the continual improvement of our skills and knowledge levels. Our training and development programmes will see to the technical, interpersonal, and managerial evolution of our employees, to be high-per-formers in their roles, and to achieve the full realisation of their potential.


Innovation and Agility

To deliver forward-facing, contemporary builds that elevate their surroundings and raise standards in land-use, construction techniques, architectural design, realty-management and timely-delivery.

Customer Delight

To stay abreast of the needs of our internal and external customers and strive to exceed their latent and expressed expectation of us.

Ethics and Trustworthiness

To maintain transparency, accountability, integrity, legality and fairness in all our transactions. And thereby become a company that delivers on its commitments, and one that all our stakeholders are proud to be associated with.

Leadership and Profitability

To grow our existing business and seek new lines of profitability by encouraging entrepreneurship, talent actualisation and business development.

Positivity, Respect and Teamwork

To exude vibrancy and solidity in our interpersonal relations with all internal and external stakeholders. To foster family spirit and solidarity, generating teams that work seamlessly and effectively.