Managing Director


B&B Developers & Builders Pvt Ltd. is helmed by Mr. Bobby Benedict, a civil engineer who combines visionary foresight with execution that is grounded and achievable. His methodical steering of the company has seen us grow from a small civil-contracting company building modest homes in 1995, to a successful consortium of allied business today. Mr. Benedict uses his hands-on managerial style to lead by example and inspire those around him to view any setback as a learning moment from which to grow. A keen believer in the multiplier effect of technology, he ensures all departments are kept well abreast of the latest advances in their fields – to overcome duplication of effort, improve efficiencies and evolve innovations in products and services. He also ensures that divisions are assisted by the expertise of consultants as and when needed, especially in industry-leading architecture and engineering, marketing and corporate governance. Above all, he values the trust of our customers as his greatest asset and ensures that we hold their satisfaction as the main outcome of all our efforts.