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How to Create the Perfect Family & Entertainment Room

The Family & Entertainment Room is an integral part of the home – it is the space where the entire household comes together to bond and spend time. Unlike a formal living room, this area is designated for fun and relaxation. So, in order to create a perfect symphony, it is important to keep the following things in mind. 

Keep it minimalistic. Don’t clutter the room with family mementos, photographs and trinkets. Ensure that there is adequate floor space to allow movement – there is nothing worse than stubbing your toe on a table during an intense game of Pictionary. The room should be spacious enough to accommodate groups of people without too many distractions or the risk of ruining precious family memorabilia. 

Strike the perfect balance of comfort, style and function. For instance, if you’re placing a large sofa in the center, choose slender chairs and center tables to neutralize the heaviness in the room. Place sets of nesting stools and floor cushions around the room that can serve as flexible seating options as they can be easily moved when they aren’t required. 

Use artwork to accentuate the room.Simplicity on your walls makes the best statement. Try and avoid multiple pieces that are distracting. Instead, choose one large piece at most that will weave the whole room together. Choose a print and color that complements the furniture and the vibe of the room.

Be smart about storage in the room – use a mix of concealed shelves and drawers (for toys and videogames), and open shelves (for board games and books). Another useful tip is to build storage or wall-mounted holders to hide those unsightly electronic cables and wires and prevent trip-ups during game night. 

In order to make the space intimate, consider darker tones for your walls such as grey to create the illusion of a cozy den. If you’d like to brighten the room, include pops of color in the furnishing.   

Use cushions, comfy pillows and throws to layer the furniture and introduce warmth. Exercise caution while choosing carpets because if the room has a lot of foot traffic, heavy rugs can be tiresome to maintain. If you do want a carpet, choose thin, hypoallergenic fabric.

Don’t underestimate the lighting in the room. Invest in statement light fixtures (these days, you can even opt for adjustable lighting) to create the perfect ambience. Natural light also completely transforms a room! An airy, effortless feel creates a sense of comfort where conversation can flow organically. 

Finally, and most importantly, take the personalities and hobbies of each family member into account.For instance, if someone loves to read, include a shelf of books, an accent chair or a bright lamp for optimal reading pleasure. If another loves movies, consider creating space to store DVDs, perhaps purchase a recliner and mount a television at the right height and distance for extended viewing time. Making these distinct, personalized touches will distinguish your family room from another’s’. 

This is more than another room in the home – it is a safe space where all who congregate come and enjoy their best moments and create memories. Make it a space where every member loves to unwind and you will find that this room truly binds the family together. Get in touch with us to find out more about our projects that have been designed to bringing the family together.

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