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Gated Communities: A Safe Bet

Many of the new property developments and around Vellore are gated communities. These are an ideal choice for investment, especially if you aren’t planning on living in your property all year round.

A common investment that people in India make are on land. They purchase parcels of land in locations that show promise for development in the hopes that the value will appreciate over the years. In most cases the owners leave these plots undeveloped. Owning land in absentia can pose some unique issues though – that of encroachment. It will start with the innocuous stake driven into the ground, and finally over  time, they would have built a fence or even a wall encroaching into the property. This will be discovered by the owners at the most inopportune time – at the time of the sale, when the due diligence is on. 

There are many ways to avoid this headache – you can have someone local check on your property, employ a caretaker (and keep good records), or visit your property every three months. To reclaim encroached land, the legal landowner must go through a lawsuit which is not only expensive but also time consuming with cases stretching over years together. 

Gated Communities, Vellore, Mayflower, B&B Builders, B&B Properites
Gated Communities, Vellore, Mayflower, B&B Builders, B&B Properites

An easy way to avoid this is to buy propertyin a gated community. This option ensures that your home is watched when you are not in town as well as having additional benefits. Gated communities are generally a more secure option than striking out alone, especially in areas that are big tourist destinations. Vellore is a very safe place, with a lot of development happening, has a very low rate of crime, and is easily accessible by train or road from both Bangalore and Chennai. Many of the villa developments and gated communities offer an entry system and private security included in the residents’ fees, and your neighbours offer many sets of eyes to keep watch over your place.

Most of these developments have been done by BB Propertieswho are the trail blazers in such development in and around Vellore. Our projects offer infrastructure that is well above the usual offering from other developers, with wide paved roads and community areas, and some even offer their own water systems and shopping complexes.

The other advantage of owning in a gated community is that you can easily enter a property management arrangement, turning your empty home into a money making venture that pays for itself when you aren’t around. The areas around Vellore has become an increasingly popular resort destination because of its landmarks, warm weather, and proximity to other popular destinations. There’s no doubt that a smart investment in this area will pay dividends and gated communities are a safe bet!

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