Villas and Row-homes – Why We Love Them

If you’re among those who can buy a villa or row house in a gated community – here are some of the good (and so-so) points about them.

  1. Vibrant, community living – Villas and row-houses are invariably in well-planned gated townships. And most importantly, they have ample outdoor space – there’s room for people to mingle during walks, while jogging or exercising, or at open-air community functions when good weather prevails. Children get a whole different sense of play than they do in an apartment building, because of the vehicle-free areas available for them to run about, cycle or roller-skate.
  2. Security & Protected Spaces – This is the foremost plus point of a gated community. As a parent, or having elderly parents at home, you can rest assured that children and seniors can venture outside for air, exercise and sunshine at their ease. Even if you travel out of town often on work, their safety needn’t be a concern.
  3. Private green spaces and terraces – Most villas and row homes will provide for a kitchen-garden, a small front-yard and/or terrace/s. These spaces are invaluable in giving your home a truly welcoming vibe. And if you, or anyone else in the family is inclined to garden, these spaces allow for exercising landscaping skills and creativity. And your home can be a haven of greenery and natural beauty.
  4. No Hustle and bustle – This can be looked at both ways. As a younger couple/family, you may miss the entertainment and night-life options of living in the heart of a city. But if your home needs to be an escape from the cramped huddle of city-living, then gated villa/row home projects are wonderful. They’re usually located on large plots on the outskirts of town. So, you’ll enjoy the quietness and open spaces of non-city life, but you can access city amenities within a short drive’s distance.
  5. The feel of an independent home, without the maintenance hassles – Ask anyone who lives in an independent home on an owned plot, it’s difficult to leave on a holiday or trip with the house unattended to. That’s what villa or row-home living offers you. The chance to enjoy all the pleasures of a stand-alone home with the upkeep of the property left to the society or builder. You can just lock up and leave.

With all these enviable benefits, it’s no wonder so many people aspire to settle down in a gated-villa. We’ve brought all the hallmarks of modern villa and row-home ownership to Vellore – spacious, landscaped, contemporary living spaces, with the warmth and neighbourliness of a close-knit community.


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